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In the dead of night, a recently unemployed insomniac wanders the streets of New York discovering a city beyond her wildest imagination.

Luci loses her job and times are tougher than ever. Unable to sleep, she begins an after-hours journey embarking on a series of strange encounters as she wanders the dark metropolis. During one unforgettable night, Luci comes face to face with her innermost fears and desires as she tries to find her way back home.

Based on a concept by Jenn Dees and Gary King, WHAT’S UP LOVELY is a drama about the struggle to survive the city while battling the enemy within ourselves.


“…experimental and imaginative, disjointed and whacked out……Dees gives a wonderfully realized, enthralling portrayal…” – THE INDEPENDENT CRITIC

“…part daydream, nightmare and whimsical journey…” – FILM SNOBBERY

“…a splash of surrealism, like a Salvador Dali or Vincent Van Gogh painting, only in film form…” — THE ENTERTAINMENT CORNER

Runtime: 69mins

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