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London, 1987: the Super8 camera of fifteen-year-old Palestinian expat Mohannad Aziz has captured the idyllic summer romance between his handsome older brother Sami and Flora, a lovely American student. Seventeen years later, much has changed. Mohannad has achieved prominence as a radio journalist while Sami's photography career hasn't quite taken off. As for Flora? She now seems to be just a face in a photograph. Then — in the aftermath of Sami's death, Mohannad finds the past is closer than he guesses, and that its secrets rarely remain hidden. Conflicted memories of his beloved brother vie uneasily with his still-potent attraction to Flora — who herself must come to terms with long-buried resentments — and Mohannad must grapple with the past, the present and his own secrets from that long ago summer.

“Poignant and moody, the film recalls ‘Blow Up,’ the French New Wave and such indie American classics as ‘The King of Marvin Gardens.’” — Colin Covert, StarTribune

Featuring the poetry of Palestinian National Poet Mahmoud Darwish

Runtime: 93mins

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