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The inside story on the UK's biggest troublemakers.

Just Do It is a feature documentary film about climate activists, initiated and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Emily James. Filmed throughout 2009 - a year in which the looming spectre of the Copenhagen COP15 climate talks lead to a groundswell of activity - the film will be a behind the scenes portrait of a community of actively engaged citizens who aren’t prepared to sit back and allow the destruction of the worlds ecosystems and climate. Their adventures will entertain, illuminate and inspire, whilst inciting you to get off your arse and change the world.

The overall goal of Just Do It is to help create a culture shift towards a new generation of active citizens by inspiring those that feel powerless in the face of runaway climate change, rampant consumerism and ineffective world leaders to take collective action towards a brighter future.

Currently in post-production and coming to a cinema near you in spring 2011, Just Do It is a film pushing boundaries. It is an experiment in crowd-funding, group production and community-engaged documentary filmmaking.

Runtime: 90mins

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