General Questions

What is OpenIndie?

OpenIndie is a theatrical distribution platform for independent film. Filmmakers add their films. Fans discover new films and request local screenings. Next we hope to turn audience demand into screenings by digitally delivering films to venues.

What is a request?

A request is the terminology we use for someone (an OpenIndie user) saying, "I want this film to screen theatrically somewhere near me". Some people might call this "demanding" a film but we like the term request. It is essentially the positive action of saying, "I want to see this film in a venue with other people".

How do I request a film comes to my town?

Browse our films, find a film you like, visit its film profile and click "request" on the right hand side. It's as simple as that.

Why do you ask for our postal code and country?

In order for OpenIndie to work we need to know exactly where you are. We use those two pieces of information to geocode you and establish which city is closest to you.

How do you work out my nearest city?

Having your longitude and latitude means that we do a radial search of our city data and establish which is the best city for your request to count against. In doing this we take into a number of factors including population and travel distance.

Why can't I change my nearest city?

At the moment we have restricted your ability to alter your closest city, this is because we're monitoring how accurately we are at correctly identifying your city. Once we're happy that we're doing this as effectively as possible we will allow you to change it to your heart's content.

What is a local goal?

Local goals are how we allow filmmakers to set themselves targets. Perhaps they're planning to tour with their film and they want to visit 10 cities in North America. With our local goals they can set a target amount of requests they want to achieve for those cities. This means that they only put the tour on once they know they have enough bums for seats. If you see a local goal for your area it means a film actively wants to bring their film to your town.

What happens to my data?

We don't sell your data or pass it to anyone who does not need it to carry out a function of OpenIndie. What this means is that your data (email address, country, postal code, nearest city) are available to any filmmaker where you have requested their film. There are strict rules for filmmakers about what they can and can't do with that data. They are forbidden from communicating with you on any subject other than the film you have requested. For more information about how your data is handled please read out privacy policy.

Filmmaker Questions

How do I put my film on OpenIndie?

Simply, just click add film and follow the sign up / film creation instructions. It's worth you having a copy of your film's trailer and poster on hand but don't worry if you don't have that yet, you can add them later.

Do I relinquish any rights to my film by adding it to OpenIndie?

No, absolutely not. We're not a traditional film distributor we're not after the rights to your film for the universe and beyond. We just want to help you get your film seen in a theatrical setting.

How do I get screenings?

At the moment OpenIndie is simply a tool for gather demand and managing that data, how you turn that into screenings is up to you. That said, we are working hard to roll out phase two of OpenIndie which is a theatrical network of venues all playing OpenIndie films. This includes digital delivery of the films to venues. We'll keep you posted on that.

How do I make money?

See the question above.

How do you make money?

Right now, we don't! But we're working on that and we will most likely adopt a revenue share model with the filmmakers/venues who sign up to our theatrical network. That said, don't quote us on that because this is new to all of us.

I have a traditional distribution deal for a specific territory, can I still use OpenIndie?

Sure you can. OpenIndie is global so you can collect demand from all over the world. As long as you don't organise screenings in the same territory as your traditional deal covers you should be golden. In future releases of OpenIndie we're planning to allow you to restrict requests to only certain regions. But that's complicated, so for now lets stick to the other plan.